This BRRESTORE command option verifies a backup of database files (BRBACKUP) or offline redo log files (BRARCHIVE).

Input syntax: -w|-verify [use_dbv|only_conf]

Default value: No verification

Without use_dbv, files are read from backup media but not stored on disk. With use_dbv, file are restored to compress_dir, verified with DBVERIFY and then deleted. In either case, a normal restore is not performed.

With only_conf BRBACKUP calls the external backup utility only to confirm that the backup is known, not to verify the data.

This is an example of how to restore the last backup, followed by a check of the Oracle block structure using DBVERIFY:

brrestore -b -w use_dbv

This is an example of how to restore the archived offline redo log files nos. 112- 250 and check them for readability:

brrestore -a 112-250 -w

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