This BRRESTORE command option defines the restore device type.

Input syntax:
-d|-device tape|disk|pipe|tape_auto|pipe_auto|tape_box|pipe_box|

Default value: tape

Depending on which backup you want to restore from, you can use this option to specify the backup media that was used.

·        disk: Local disk.

·        tape: Local tape device.

·        pipe: Tape device of a remote system (UNIX only).

·        stage: Remote disk.

·        tape_auto or pipe_auto: Prompts for changing the tape will be suppressed. This is only useful when you use a tape device with automatic tape changing.

·        tape_box or pipe_box: Jukeboxes or autoloader tape devices which can be addressed locally or remotely.

·        util_file: Use this option when you performed the backup file by file, using external backup programs. If a parameter file is required, specify its name in profile parameter util_par_file or with the option -r.

·        rman_util|rman_disk|rman_stage|rman: Restoring with Oracle Recover Manager (RMAN) and an external backup tool. See RMAN Backup with an External Backup Library. You can use rman as a replacement for the parameters rman_util, rman_disk, or rman_stage when restoring data files.

See also:

Parameters in init<DBSID>.sap: backup_dev_type.