This BRARCHIVE command option starts BRBACKUP at the end of BRARCHIVE processing.

Input syntax: -b|-backup [<brb_options>]

Default: BRBACKUP and BRARCHIVE are called separately, the backup of the data files and the offline redo log files takes place in separate backups on separate tapes.

When you enter the option -b BRBACKUP is automatically started after the BRARCHIVE backup of the offline redo log files. After the offline redo log files, BRBACKUP copies the data files, as well as all logs to the same tape(s) (this is also possible to disk, and with BACKINT). The main advantage of this procedure is that you only have to start or schedule one program (usually BRBACKUP). The second program is started automatically after the first program has ended.
If the backup is made to tape, you can also use the tape capacity optimally.

You can also specify other options for BRBACKUP backup. If you do not specify any options, the relevant default is used. The option -b (including the additional options) must always be placed at the end of the BRARCHIVE command line call.

See Command Options for BRBACKUP.

If you want to execute the BRBACKUP and BRARCHIVE backup procedure in one run, then we recommend that you perform the tape management under control of BRBACKUP. For this, you can use brbackup -a|-archive.

Unattended backup of the offline redo log files on a tape followed by a startup of an offline backup on the same tape.

brarchive -sd -c -b -m all -t offline -c

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