With this parameter, you can enter where the parameter file with the specifications that might be required for a backup with an external backup program is located.

Syntax: util_par_file = <file>

Default: None

Required value: Enter the directory and the name of the parameter file. If you have not entered a path, the system searches for the parameter file in the directory:


<ORACLE_HOME>\database (Windows NT)

If you select the device type backup_dev_type = util_file or util_file_online (if supported), you initiate backup by a non-SAP backup program that is addressed through the BACKINT interface. Contact the supplier of these programs for the required specifications. To transfer additional parameters to the external backup program when you call one of the SAP utilities, you may have to create a parameter file with these values.

If possible, use parameter util_file_online for an online backup, since in this case the backup status of the individual tablespaces is set dynamically, which means that the volume of redo log entries is much smaller than if you use util_file.

For more information, see External Backup Programs.