Command for positioning the read head on the tape.

Syntax: tape_pos_cmd = <cmd>

Default: None

This parameter is used by BRRESTORE and by BRBACKUP/BRARCHIVE with option -w|-verify. For a file to be read from the volume, the tape must be fast-forwarded to the required position.

For example, you could make the following entry:

tape_pos_cmd = "mt -t $ fsf $"

Sample positioning commands:

HP-UX: "mt -t $ fsf $"

AIX: "tctl -f $ fsf $"

Tru64, Linux, Solaris, Windows: "mt -f $ fsf $"

Make sure that you do not forget the double quotes when you enter parameters composed of several values. The SAP tool replace the first $ character with the address of the device you use. The second $ character is replaced by the number of files that are to be skipped.