This parameter is used by the SAP tools to identify the device addresses to be used to write to a volume (tape). This parameter is also used when you back up to a remote system using pipe, pipe_auto, or pipe_box.

Syntax: tape_address = <dev>|(<dev_list>)

Default: None

Required values: Addresses of backup devices (tape devices, no rewind) that are to be used for backing up or restoring backups.  If you specify more than one device, you must separate the names with commas and enclose the list in parentheses. Pay special attention to the differences in the device address names between tape devices with rewind and those with no rewind. Often, the only difference is that no-rewind addresses have an additional “n” in their name.

Sample specification of backup device:

HP-UX, Solaris: /dev/rmt/0mn

AIX: /dev/rmt0.1

Tru64: /dev/nrmt0h

Linux: /dev/nst0 

Window: /dev/nmt0

When more than one address is specified, BRBACKUP performs parallel backup. BRARCHIVE only uses the first of the specified device addresses (exception: the first two device addresses are used when the -ss or -ssd option is used). If parameters tape_address_arch and tape_address_rew_arch were defined, BRARCHIVE uses the devices defined there.

BRRESTORE can also use several backup devices in parallel. See Restoring Files.

The number of device addresses in tape_address must agree with the number of device addresses in tape_address_rew.