This parameter is only relevant when using the split mirror configuration with the split command scenario.

This parameter contains a program or shell script (with or without options) called by BRBACKUP to split the mirror disks.

Syntax: split_cmd = <cmd>

Default: none

This command has its own options:

split_cmd = "<split_cmd> [ $ ] "

<split_cmd>: Program or shell script to split the mirror disks.

The $ character is optional. If it is set it replaces BRBACKUP in runtime with the name of a text file containing all file names to be backed up.

The split command must be created by the user in the form of a program, a shell script or a batch file.

If the split has been performed successfully the exit code 0 is displayed. No other output is displayed. The only possible outputs not recognized as errors are messages beginning with the characters #INFO.

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