This parameter defines the rewind/set offline command for your host operating system.

Syntax: rewind_offline = <cmd>

Default: The value of the rewind parameter is used.

Used by BRBACKUP and BRARCHIVE to rewind a tape after a backup and set it to offline. This means that the volume is automatically ejected from the tape device (even when you are backing up to a remote system using pipe or pipe_auto).

You could make the following entry, for example:

rewind_offline = "mt -f $ offline"

Rewind commands:

HP-UX: "mt -f $ offl"

AIX: "tctl -f $ offline"

Tru64, Linux, SUN, Windows: "mt -f $ offline"

Make sure that you do not forget the double quotes when you enter parameters composed of several values.

The SAP tools replace the $ character with the address of the device used.

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