This parameter must be set if you want to make a database copy on local disks using BRBACKUP, that is, backup_dev_type  = disk_copy|disk_standby. The name of the sapdata home directory of the database copy is defined in new_db_home.

Syntax: new_db_home = <dir>

Default: none

UNIX: <dir> is the new SAP database directory, that is, /oracle/<NEW_SID>

Windows: <dir> is the new SAP database directory: <drive>:\oracle\<NEW_SID>

    This directory must also contain the sapbackup directory.

With Windows NT, the sapdatadirectories can be distributed across several drives. When making a database copy, a target drive can be specified for each drive (see m|-mode). If you do not specify a target drive, all files are copied to the directory defined in the parameter.

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