This parameter defines the mount command for the automatic mounting of a tape. The command is called locally for backup_dev_type = tape_box; for backup_dev_type = pipe_box it is called on a machine defined in parameter remote_host.

Syntax: mount_cmd = <cmd>

Default: none

If backup_dev_type = tape_box | pipe_box is defined, then this parameter must be defined in the initialization profile. For more information, see backup_dev_type.

The mount command has its own options.

mount_cmd = "<mount_cmd> $ $ $ [$]"

<mount_cmd>: Command name

For example, command name might be mount.csh.

Do not forget to enclose the parameter specifications composed of several values in double quotes. The $ characters stand, in the following order, for:


       1.      The name of the database to be backed up

       2.      The addresses of the tape devices

       3.      The tape names

       4.      Optional: Name of a file for additional configuration parameters (parameter: mount_par_file)

The dismount or mount command must be created by the user in the form of a program, a shell script or a batch file.

If the mount command has been performed successfully the exit code 0 is displayed. No other output is displayed. The only possible outputs not recognized as errors are messages beginning with the characters #INFO.

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