Initialization Profile init<DBSID>.sap


The initialization profile init<DBSID>.sap contains parameters that influence how the SAP tools perform various functions. It is usually stored in directory <ORACLE_HOME>/dbs (UNIX) or <ORACLE_HOME>\database (Windows).


To configure the SAP tools BRBACKUP, BRARCHIVE, BRRESTORE, BRRECOVER, BRCONNECT, and BRSPACE, you must use the initialization profile init<DBSID>.sap. You can edit the file with a text editor. If you do not make any changes, the SAP tools use the default values for the parameters.

Before you use one of the SAP tools, find out exactly which parameters you have to configure. Pay particular attention to parameters without default values and parameters that have device-specific information or require special platform-specific commands.


The parameters and values in profile init<DBSID>.sap look as follows:

<Parameter> = <value>|(<value_list>)

where value_list = <value_1>,<value_2>

You separate the individual values in a value list by commas, and enclose the entire list in parentheses. You can use blanks between any symbols of such commands. If necessary, you can continue the parameter values can be continued on the next line (the line break is then treated as a blank). If a parameter value contains special characters such as space or $, you must enclose the value in double quotes, as in the following example:

rewind = "mt -f $ rewind"

If you are unsure, compare your input format with the format in the sample profile, /usr/sap/<SAPSID>/SYS/exe/run/, or the initialization profile, <ORACLE_HOME>/dbs/init<DBSID>.ora.


You can override many of the parameters in init <DBSID>.sap by using a command option when you call BRBACKUP, BRARCHIVE, BRCONNECT, or BRRESTORE. For more information, see:

·        Effects of the Command Options

·        Command Options for BRBACKUP

·        Command Options for BRARCHIVE

·        Command Options for BRCONNECT

·        Command Options for BRRESTORE

Changes to parameter values do not take effect until you call the corresponding tool.