cpio Continuation Tape

If the volume size is defined too large, the cpio command might reach the physical end of the volume. In such cases, cpio issues a message displaying the end of the volume (end of tape..., end of medium..., end of volume...).

You can continue the backup on another volume or cancel the backup. Note that the cpio continuation mechanism is only possible during serial backups. If a parallel backup to several tape devices is involved, the backup is terminated for the relevant tape device when the end of tape is reached, but the backup is continued on the other tape devices.  In such cases, it is essential to make sure that all the files were saved.

Make sure that the continuation tape is not one of the volumes initialized for BRBACKUP or BRARCHIVE, since no label check takes place for the continuation volume.

The cpio continuation tape is not “visible” for BRBACKUP or BRARCHIVE, that is, it is regarded as one logical tape together with the first one. Therefore, in restore situations, BRRESTORE requests one tape. However, make sure that both tapes can be mounted.

To avoid the situation described above, none of the database files should be larger than the size specified in tape_size (after compression, when applicable).

Do not confuse the cpio continuation mechanism with the management of tape continuation, which BRBACKUP operates when another tape is required to back up the files.