Starting the SAP Utility Programs

To avoid authorization problems when starting the BR*Tools, bear in mind the following:


       1.      On the database server create local groups ORA_<DBSID>_DBA and ORA_<DBSID>_OPER (or ORA_DBA and ORA_OPER). Include the SAP users <SID>ADMand SAPSERVICE<SID> in this group, if this has not been done during the installation.

When you log on to the database with connect / as sysdba using SQLPLUS you no longer have to enter a password. The user is authorized to start and stop the database.

You can now call BRBACKUP and BRARCHIVE as usual:

brbackup -u system/<password>

       2.      BRBACKUP

If you call BRBACKUP at operating system level, the following alternatives (A;B) to the procedure described in 1. are available:

Ў        Start BRBACKUP not with the standard ORACLE user system, but with the user OPS$ user, as in the following example:

brbackup -u

The OPS$ user must have granted the SAPDBA role for backups to be successful

Ў        Activate the full Oracle authorization check. Perform the following steps:

§         In the profile init<SID>.ora, enter the parameter remote_login_passwortfile = exclusive.

§         Create an Oracle password file (if it does not already exist):

orapwd file=%ORACLE_HOME%\DATABASE\PWD<DBSID>.ORA password=<internal_password> entries=10

§         Restart the database.

§         Call SQLPLUS as the user SYS. Give the following authorizations to the user system:

Connect / as sysdba

grant sysdba to system;

grant sysoper to system;

§         Give a new password to the user system (optional):
alter user system identified by <password>;

Now you can call BRBACKUP as usual:

brbackup -u system/<password>