Naming Conventions for Files (Windows)

The regular SAP naming conventions apply so that the data files are in directory <drive>\oracle\<SID>\sapdata<n>\<tablespace name>_<file number>.
Therefore, the first file of tablespace PSAPPOOLD might be called:

You can store the files of one tablespace on different disks. BR*Tools require that only the name of the drive be changed, and the remainder of the path (\oracle\C11 in the example above) remains the same, to avoid confusion with other databases.

BR*Tools also require that the logical directory sapdata<n> is specified. A further subdirectory <tablespace name>_<file number>is created automatically.

For reasons of clarity, SAP recommends that you not spread a data pool (indicated by the subdirectory sapdata<n>) among different disks. This means that, for example, there should not be two sapdata4 directories on different disk drives

For security reasons, BR*Tools never create a subdirectory sapdata<n> itself. They only use an existing one created in the File Manager or using Windows commands.