Automating the Recovery


You can control whether you want to perform a manual (autorecovery off) or an automatic recovery (autorecovery on). 


Enter the appropriate SQLPLUS command before you enter the recover command.

·        set autorecovery on

The required offline redo log files are automatically applied without requiring any user entry.  The names and paths of the offline redo log files are derived from the init.ora parameters log_archive_dest and log_archive_format, which means that that required offline redo log files must first be restored under the appropriate names. For more information, see Setting Up Archiving.

If the files cannot be imported under log_archive_dest, you can override the source specified in archive_log_dest by entering the following command:

set logsource = <log source>

This means the files are now expected in the directory identified under logsource.

·        set autorecovery off

The applying of the individual redo log files must be initiated by the user (default value).

In the process, Oracle automatically suggests a file derived from log_archive_dest (or logsource) and log_archive_format.  Press RETURN to accept this value.

You can also explicitly enter the name of the redo log files by entering:

Ў        cancel to interrupt or cancel the recovery

Ў        auto to continue the recovery in automatic mode from this point

Ў        from <log source> to change the log source