BRSPACE Detail Log


The detail log file contains full information about what happened during the BRSPACE function.


The file displays information about the:

·        Relevant parameters from the initialization profile init<DBSID>.sap that were set during the BRSPACE run

·        Function name

·        Menus that were displayed and the options that you chose

·        BRSPACE commands and results


BRSPACE detail logs have names of the following form:

s<encoded timestamp>.<ext>

The name consists of:

·        Action ID

This consists of the fixed character s and the <encoded time> that the function was performed.

·        Function ID

The suffix <ext>indicates the function type:

Ў        dbr: Start up database

Ў        dbs: Shut down database

Ў        dba: Alter database instance

Ў        dbp: Alter database parameter

Ў        dbc: Recreate database

Ў        dbw:Show database information (default)

Ў        tse:Extend tablespace

Ў        tsc:Create tablespace

Ў        tsd:Drop tablespace

Ў        tsa:Alter tablespace

Ў        dfa:Alter data file

Ў        dfm:Move data file

Ў        tbr:Reorganize tables

Ў        idr:Rebuild indexes

Ў        tbe:Export tables

Ў        tbi:Import tables

Ў        tba:Alter tables

Ў        ida: Alter indexes


This is an example of the start of a BRSPACE detail log for the function show database information:

BR1001I BRSPACE 6.40 (0)

BR1002I Start of BRSPACE processing: sdljsvqc.dbw 2003-08-26 10.23.50


BR0101I Parameters


Name                           Value


oracle_sid                     GC2

oracle_home                    /oracle/GC2

oracle_profile                 /oracle/GC2/dbs/initGC2.ora

sapdata_home                   /oracle/GC2

sap_profile                    /oracle/GC2/dbs/

space_function                 dbshow

space_copy_dir                 /oracle/GC2/sapreorg

scroll_lines                   20

system_info                    oragc2/oragc2 uw1030 SunOS 5.8 Generic_108528-15 sun4u

oracle_info                    GC2 8192 8856 17005445

sap_info                       620 SAPR3

make_info                      sun OCI_901 Aug 26 2003

command_line                   brspace -f dbshow -c dbparam -l


BR0280I BRSPACE time stamp: 2003-08-26 10.23.50

BR1009I Name of database instance: GC2

BR1010I BRSPACE action ID: sdljsvqc

BR1011I BRSPACE function ID: dbw

BR1012I BRSPACE function: dbshow

BR1034I Class of information to be shown: dbparam


BR0280I BRSPACE time stamp: 2003-08-26 10.23.51

BR0659I List menu 257 + you can select one or more entries


List of database parameters


Pos.  Parameter                          Modif.  Inst.    Value


  1 - active_instance_count              spfile   *       <null>

  2 - aq_tm_processes                    both     *       1

  3 - archive_lag_target                 both     *       0

  4 - audit_file_dest                    spfile   *       ?/saptrace/audit

  5 - audit_sys_operations               spfile   *       FALSE

  6 - audit_trail                        spfile   *       NONE

  7 - background_core_dump               spfile   *       partial

  8 - background_dump_dest               both     *       /oracle/GC2/saptrace/bdump

  9 - backup_tape_io_slaves              both     *       FALSE

 10 - bitmap_merge_area_size             spfile   *       1048576