Maintaining the Transport Directory bin


For tp , the transport directory bin must contain the following files:

  • the central transport profile. As of Release 4.5A, the Transport Management System administrates this file. (In releases prior to 4.5A, this file was called TPPARAM. As of 4.5A, this name is no longer used.) To maintain the transport profile, only use the Transport Management System.

Under UNIX, you can create a soft link using the old name TPPARAM that points to the transport profile.

  • T_OFF.ALL or T_OFF.<SAPSID> (possible). As long as such a file exists, exports from all systems or from a certain system (file name T_OFF.T11 ) are not permitted. Once the transport has been released, the first line of the file is displayed in the SAP System as an error message.

In contrast to earlier releases, this subdirectory may no longer contain any executable programs.

To ensure that you use the correct transport programs after each release upgrade, delete all the variants of the tp and R3trans programs from the directory. Both programs are taken from the executables directory on the application server.