Inserting Hypertext Links in Long Text

You can set Hypertext links to Repository objects in the test case long text maintenance editor. Proceed as follows:

1. Go to the test case long text maintenance.

2. Choose Include ® Link.

3. Choose the object type to which a link is to be set in the Selected Link field in the Set Link dialog box.

4. Enter the data required for the object type.

5. Enter the link text.

6. Choose ENTER .

The link is inserted in the text.

The following text is inserted after the link has been created:

  • Data element document


  • Release note

<DS:RELNname>Name_in_text</ >

e.g. <DS:RELNBC_DOC TOOLS>Doc. info</>

  • Book structure chapter


  • Online-executable report


  • Transaction executed online in foreground


  • Online CATT procedure
  • <>Name_in_text</>
  • Glossary entry
  • <GL:name>Name_in_text</>