Analyze Status

As test organizer you can check the progress of individual test plans or test packages at any time, and thus obtain an overview of the current test status.

1. Go to one of the following maintenance transactions:

- Manage test catalog

- Manage test plan

- Manage test package.

  1. Specify a test catalog, and if possible a test plan or test package, which you wish to analyze.
  2. Choose Utilities ® Status analysis.

You go to the status analysis initial screen.

  1. If you did not enter the name of the test plan or test package in step 2, enter it now in the appropriate field.
  2. Choose one of the following display modes:

- individual analysis

- test plan status summary

- test catalog status summary

You can get information about these display modes via the F1 help.

  1. If you want to exclude old test cases from the display, you can enter a date since which test cases should be analyzed in the Selection period from field.
  2. Choose Execute.

An overview of the test progress appears. The left-hand column contains information about the test, and the right-hand column contains the test status. You can choose the appropriate display format for the status analysis in the View menu.