Create Test Package

Test cases are collected for the tester in test packages. A test package is based on a test plan. Test cases are chosen from the test plan for the test package.

1. Go from the ABAP Workbench to the maintenance transaction via :Test ® Test workbench ® Test organization ® Manage test plan.

2. Enter the name of the test catalog for which you want to create a test package.

3. Enter a name for the test package to be created in the appropriate field.

4. Choose Create.

5. Enter a short description for the test plan in the following dialog box.

6. Specify the test plan on which you want to base the test package.

7. Choose in the Selection group whether you want to select test plans manually or generate them via Attributes. See the relevant section.

Manual selection

1. Choose Manual selection and ENTER .

The test catalog hierarchy appears.

2. Select the tree structure branch which is to be in the test plan, and choose Generate test plan.


1. Choose Attributes and ENTER .

2. Enter the test case selection conditions and choose Execute.

The test plan is generated according to your selection conditions.