Create Test Catalog

A Test catalog is a set of test cases plus additional information in a hypertext structure. The structure is based on the Business Navigator component or process view.

If you have included CATT procedures of type C or R a CATT procedure execution icon appears. An icon for executing all lower-level procedures also appears at higher-level nodes in the test catalog.

For further information about the various icons Goto ® Information.

Create test catalog

1. Go to the Test catalog maintenance initial screen via Test ® Test workbench Test organization Manage test catalog .

2. Enter the test catalog name.

3. Choose Create.

4. Enter a title for the test catalog in the dialog box which appears.

5. Enter the development class in the following dialog box.

6. If you have chosen a transportable development class, you are prompted to specify a transport request.

This development class and transport request are also used for all other objects which are created in this transaction.

Insert nodes at the same or lower level

1. Position the cursor on the object to which you want to insert a node at the same or a lower level.

2. Choose As subnode or At the same level.

3. Assign a text or an object to the node.