The Line Options Dialog Box

The Line Options dialog box lets you dictate how the lines that connect different objects in a hierarchical structure are presented.  For example, you can select diagonal or straight lines and the thickness of the line. Line options apply in both detail and overview mode, for the active view window.

Normally, the changes you make apply only to the current work session.  However, it is also possible to save the settings for future work sessions, using the Save Options feature.

If you access the Line Options dialog box through the Print dialog box (not through the menu), the settings you enter apply to the print request only.

Relationship line

Use this option to select the type of lines you want to use, diagonal or straight.  To do so, mark the appropriate radio button.

Relationship indicator

Use these options to control other aspects of the way a line is presented.  To do so, mark the appropriate check boxes.

Text - The system displays any text that describes the association, or relationship  between two objects connected by a line.  (The existence of such text depends on which SAP application you are working with.)

Marker - The system places a small rectangle on the line.

Arrow - The system uses an arrow to illustrate the direction of the relationship.


Use this option to determine the size of the text that describes the connection or relationship between two objects.  (The presence of such text depends on the SAP application you are using.  Some applications may not use text descriptions.)  The system uses the selected font in any printouts you request.  To make a selection, click on the appropriate option.

Group same texts

Often where there is a group of objects that are subordinate to the same parent object, the relationship between the subordinate objects is the same, and so the text describing the relationship is also the same.

Use this option to indicate that when the same text applies to a group of objects, the text should only be displayed once.  This is advantageous since there will be more room in the view window.  The system can then show a single, more complete description of the relationship. 

Font size

The use of this field depends on how you access the Line Options dialog box.  Normally, this field is for display only.  However, if you access this dialog box through the Print dialog box, this field lets you scale the font size for printing purposes.  To do so, click on the arrows until the correct dimension is shown.

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