The Sort Objects Dialog Box

The Sort Objects dialog box lets you dictate the order in which objects are presented in a hierarchical structure from left to right, within each branch of a structure. This is achieved by selecting various settings.

The settings you enter are valid only during the current work session. However, it is possible to save the settings for future work sessions, using the Save Options feature.

Sort mode

Use this field to identify what type of information you want to use, as a means for conducting the sort. To do so, mark the appropriate radio button.

No sort - The system returns to the original sort order. When you specify no sort parameters, the system presents objects according to the order that they were provided to Structural Graphics, by the R/3 application where you are working. For example in Personnel Planning and Development (PD) this is the order that objects were extracted from the database.

By priority - When you create objects it is possible to give them priority numbers. The system can use priority numbers to sort objects. Priority numbers can be any number, from 1 to 99. Number 1 has the highest priority and is shown farthest to the left, and number 99 has the lowest priority and is shown farthest to the right.

By key - The system sorts objects according to the key that identifies an object. The key varies from one R/3 application, although it typically contains different codes that represent the essential details that identify objects.

By text -The system sorts objects alphabetically, according to the text that describes the objects.

Text type

If you select a text-oriented item for sorting (set in Sort mode), use this field to determine if the system should use detail or overview texts. Overview texts are used to identify objects, when you are in overview mode. These texts are abbreviations the system makes according to available space. Detail texts are used to identify objects, when you are in detail mode. These texts are complete.


Use this list box to indicate if objects should be sorted in ascending or descending sequence. To do so, mark the appropriate check box.

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