Searching for Objects

Conduct a search for objects when you want to quickly locate an object or objects, within a hierarchical structure.

The search is conducted according to the text associated with objects. You can enter a complete or partial text string. The system highlights any object that contains the string you enter.

The settings you enter are valid only during the current work session. However, it is possible to save the settings for future work sessions, using the Save Options feature.

This feature is helpful when you are working with large and complicated structures. The search includes all open view windows.

To search for an object, proceed as follows.

  1. Click on the menu options Object ® Search for objects.

    The Search for Objects dialog box appears.

  2. Enter the appropriate settings in the Search string, Case sensitive and Remove previous selection fields.

    For more information on the settings, see The Search for Objects Dialog Box

  3. Click on Search.

    The system highlights objects that match your entry.

  4. To search for other objects:

    – Repeat steps #2 to #3.

  5. To exit the dialog box:
    • Click on the Control Box.
    • A drop down menu appears.
    • Click on the menu option Close.