The Search for Objects Dialog Box

The Search for Objects dialog box lets you dictate how the system conducts a search. This is achieved by selecting various settings.

Search string

Use this field to identify the object(s) you want to locate, by entering a whole or partial character string. The system compares the character string you enter with the text associated with each object in the hierarchical structure.

To complete this field, type in the appropriate text.

Case sensitive

Use this field to indicate if the system should match the case used in your entry in the Search string field, when it checks each of the objects in the hierarchical structure. To check case, mark the check box.

Remove previous selection

It is possible to keep the Search for Objects dialog box open and conduct several searches, one after the other. Use this field if you have conducted prior searches, and wish to remove the settings from the previous search. To remove settings, mark the check box.

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