Changing Color Assignments

Change color assignments when you want to adjust the colors used to present various elements in Structural Graphics. It is possible, for example, to adjust the colors used to present title bars, background shading, the text in title bars, and so on.

Changes are valid only for the current work session. However, it is possible to save the settings for future work sessions, using the Save Options feature.

It is possible to create and maintain a number of overall color schemes using design profiles. You can then select the design you want to work with through the Design setting, in the View Options dialog box. The design profiles themselves are setup in Customizing.

To change color assignments, proceed as follows.

  1. Click on the menu options Options ® Color Assignment.

    The Color Assignment dialog box appears.

  2. Use the dialog box options to enter your selections.

    For more information on the options, see The Color Assignment Dialog Box

  3. Click on the Apply button.

    The system changes the color as specified.

  4. To change other color assignments:

    – Repeat steps #2 to #3.

  5. To exit the Color Assignment dialog box:
    • Click on Continue or Cancel.