Displaying Close-ups of a Structure

Use this feature to obtain a close-up or enlarged view of a specific area of a hierarchical structure. The area you select expands so that it fills the view window. (This feature affects the active view window only.)

This feature is available only when you work in overview mode.

The Display Substructures feature offers a different method to view selected areas of a structure. For details, see Displaying Substructures

To obtain a close-up view, proceed as follows.

  1. Either:

    – Click on the menu options Goto ® Choose section, or

    – Click on the Choose Section button (if available).

    A rectangle appears in the window.

  2. Click on the rectangle and hold down the left mouse button. Drag the rectangle to the area you want to blow up.
  3. Release the mouse button.

The system enlarges the selected section of the structure.