The SAP Bar Chart Graphics program displays a table of events over a given time period.

Modifying your graph is not always possible. This depends on whether the ABAP program you used to call your graphics program allows you to modify the graph.

Apart from the standard elements (menu bar, symbols bar and pushbutton bar), the SAP Bar Chart Graphics window contains part of or all of the following elements:

  • Graph title in the window title bar

The graph title is defined in the ABAP program that called the graphics program.

  • Time line

The time line sets the time span for the display areas.

  • Display areas (8 max.)

You can display a maximum of eight bar charts in a graphics window. Each display contains a title which is defined in the calling ABAP program. You can resize the displays by dragging the dividing line between the displays.

Each display consists of the following elements:

    • Time units line

For each display, you can choose one of the time units provided. The time span is set by the time line.

    • Tables area

The tables section on the left contains the table heading and the table fields for each graph area. You can adjust the width of the colums. You can also change the width of the tables section and with it the width of the graph display area.

To change the width of the columns or the tables section, move the relevant dividing line by dragging it with the mouse.

    • Graph display area

The graph display area contains objects (event blocks) depicting the duration of events. Each of the graph areas contains its own time units line within the limits of the time line. You can choose among a number of time units (day, week, etc.).

The standard pushbuttons in the pushbutton bar let you change the size of the graph display and the tables section.

The calling ABAP program determines which elements are to contained in the graphics window. The applications programmer can define more menus with additional functions or leave out standard functions and symbols. For detailed information, see your application-specific SAP Bar Charts Graphics documentation.

On Apple frontends, a number of alternative and additional options are available for SAP Graphics. For more information, see the following topic:
Special Features on Apple Frontends