Changing Views

To perform the following actions, use the Goto menu:

  • Displaying the graph view
  • Displaying the data view
  • Zooming display sections
  • Displaying the total view

These actions are described below.

Displaying the Graph View

When you choose Goto ® Graph view, the data table is displayed graphically. (This function is not currently available.)

Displaying the Data View

When you choose Goto ® Data view, the underlying graphics data table appears. (This function is not currently available.)

Zooming Display Sections

To display the relative position of objects in a window more clearly, choose Goto  ®  Zoom in.

To choose the area to zoom, drag the mouse to draw a frame. Position the mouse pointer on any point in the display and, holding the mouse button down, move the pointer diagonally to the end of the section to be zoomed. The objects in the section are then displayed with more accurate scaling.

You cannot choose a section more than three times in succession. To return to the previous section, choose the function Back. To go directly to the overall representation, choose Total view.

Displaying the Total View

If, instead of a zoomed section, you want to display the overall representation, choose Goto ® Total view.