SAP Portfolio Graphics is an analysis tool for strategic corporate planning, in particular in multi-product companies.

Strategic planning provides a basis for decisions on long-term commitment of resources. It deals with the question of which products should be sold in which markets and with what use of resources (finances, personnel, raw materials, etc.) and at what time.

The analysis of a portfolio representation gives you information on the current competitiveness, company profitability and liquidity.

The following figure shows a simple portfolio representation.

The following figure shows a complex portfolio representation.

The application developer can define further menus with additional functions in the ABAP program, which calls the graphics program.

The menus described here are standard SAP menus. These menus can be overwritten by application-specific menus.

On Apple frontends, a number of alternative and additional options are available for SAP Graphics. For more information, see the following topic:

Special Features on Apple Frontends