Displaying Views

Select the options in the Views menu to display different views:

Displaying a User-Defined View

If you saved your own view during an earlier session, you can activate it at any time while you are in the standard view.

Choose Views ® User-defined view. Your own view appears.

Displaying the Standard View

To display the standard view, choose Views  ®  Standard view.

Displaying the Standard View

While you are working with your own view, you can display the standard view at any time.

To display the standard view, choose Views ® Standard view. The application window now contains the original view with the Display area, Node area and Navigation area.

Displaying the Display Area Only

You can choose a view where your work area contains the Display area only.

Choose Views ® Display view.

Displaying the Display Area and the Node Area Only

You can choose a view where your work area contains the Display area and the Node area only.

Choose Views ® Insert view.

Displaying the Navigation Area Only

You can choose a view where your work area contains the Navigation area only.

Choose Views ® Navigation view.

Changing the Display Area Section

Your work area may contain the whole graphic, or the graphic may be centered around a label or around marked objects.

The Views ® Viewpoint menu provides the following options:

  • Complete view
  • Center around label
  • Center around marked objects

In addition, you can display a zoomed section of the partial view in the display area.

Position the mouse pointer on the starting point of the section to be zoomed in the display area. Then press the Ctrl key and keep it pressed while moving the mouse pointer to the end point of the section. The zoomed view appears.

Displaying Additional Views

The New view function is available under X/Motif only.

It is only a display function. You can use this function to display different views in each new view window.

When you choose the New view option, a window appears that contains a new view of your graph. You cannot edit such views. You can only choose between a complete or a partial view. You can display a partial view by dragging the mouse to draw a frame.

You can call up multiple views via the Goto menu. Each new window is numbered (View 1, View 2...). The number of view windows is limited by the capacitiy of your main memory.

To close a view window, choose Graphic ® Exit, Edit ® Cancel or Goto  ®  Back.