You can use SAP Network Graphics to create, display and modify network displays or hierarchies.

Modifying your graph is not always possible. This depends on whether the ABAP program you used to call your graphics program allows you to modify the graph.

A network display consists of the stages of a project or of an activity in the project. Using a network as a basis in the implementation of a project, you can plan, analyze, describe, control and monitor deadlines, costs, and resources (labor, machines, production aids and materials).

The following figure shows a network display created with SAP Network Graphics.

The SAP Network Graphics main menu contains the standard elements of an SAP window (action bar, icon bar, pushbutton bar, and status field) and the following elements:

·        Toolbox

The toolbox consists of pushbuttons with the most important editing functions. It is normally located at the top of the window.

You can place the toolbox on the left or you can hide it.
(Options ® Toolbox).

·        Work area

The work area consists of three areas:

-       Display area

The display area contains the framed subsection of the navigation area. You can change the size of the display area by choosing the Zoom out and Zoom in pushbuttons. You can mark the subsection in the navigation area.

-       Node area

The node area contains a sample node of each type of node that appears in the display area.

-       Navigation area

The navigation area contains the complete network display.

The frame in the navigation area marks the section that currently appears in the display area. You can size the frame vertically, horizontally and diagonally or shift it by dragging it.

The section you choose appears in the display area.

You will learn how to use the functions of the standard menus.  The applications programmer can create more menus with new functions from the ABAP program.

On Apple frontends, a number of alternative and additional options are available for SAP Graphics. For more information, see the following topic:

Special Features on Apple Frontends