Zooming a Sub-Area

The Zoom function lets you select a sub-area of the diagram and re-display it at full window size. When you do this, the original diagram disappears, and the blown-up sub-area appears.

To use the Zoom function, do the following:

  1. Click on a corner of the sub-area you want to see enlarged. Do this without releasing the mouse button.

    A spot appears at your cursor point.

  2. Holding the mouse button down, move the cursor in the direction that crosses the desired sub-area diagonally.

    The spot becomes a rectangle that grows in length and width as you move the cursor. The area inside this rectangle is the sub-area you are requesting.

  3. When you have a rectangle that encloses the desired sub-area, release the mouse button.

The original diagram disappears, and the sub-area, blown up to window size, takes its place.

To display the original graphic again, choose Settings ® Complete picture.

To display the last sub-area before the current one, choose Settings ® Last zoom.

The following figure shows a zoomed view of the drawing shown in the Overview section.