Displaying the Curve Legend

The legend is a popup window containing keys for all the curves. Each key includes the title of the curve, a text explanation, and a segment of the curve as illustration. This segment gives the color and curve pattern (Continuous, Markered, Area, and so on).

The legend appears when you select the Legend option in the Options menu. You can also get the legend by clicking on the Legend button (at the bottom of the window). When you select Legend a second time, the legend disappears.

You can modify the attributes of the legend using the Curve attributes menu.

You can move the legend by clicking anywhere inside it and then dragging it with the mouse.

Dragging means clicking the left mouse button (anywhere inside the legend), holding the button down, and moving the mouse to the desired position. An outline of the legend moves with the mouse, and turns into the legend itself when you release the mouse button.

You can resize the legend by doing the following:

  1. Move the cursor onto the edge of the legend. The cursor icon changes to a two-directional arrow.
  2. Press the left mouse button and hold it down while moving the mouse away from the legend.

This extends the legend in the direction you are moving.

This procedure also works when you start with the mouse cursor on a corner of the legend. In this case, you can extend both the length and width of the legend at the same time.