Selecting Hierarchy Nodes

With some hierarchies, you can select one or more hierarchy nodes. There are two reasons why you might want to select nodes:

  • To see a special node-related result: a menu, a further display, or a special operation being carried out.
  • To modify the hierarchy using the Edit menu.

The ability to perform either of these actions depends on whether the ABAP program you used to call SAP Hierarchy lets you.

Selecting Single Nodes

In general, to select a node, click on it (with the left mouse button). Simple clicking is not be enough, however, if the calling ABAP program allows hierarchy modification (with the Edit menu). In this case, when you click on a node, SAP Hierarchy waits for you to select an Edit menu option.

Selecting Multiple Nodes

If you want to modify the hierarchy with the Edit menu:

  1. Press the SHIFT key and hold it down while clicking on each node.
  2. Select the desired Edit menu function.

If you want a special menu or display from the ABAP program, you have two methods available:

  • Select the nodes individually:
    1. Press the SHIFT key and hold it down while clicking on all nodes except the last.
    2. Release the SHIFT key and click on the last node you want.

Releasing the SHIFT key on the last node closes the list so the ABAP program can respond with the desired menu or display.

  • Use the mouse to mark off a region of the hierarchy display:
    1. Move the mouse pointer to one corner of the section you want.
    2. Press the mouse button, and holding it down, move the mouse.

A moving rectangle follows your movements. Move the mouse until the rectangle completely contains the desired section.

When you release the mouse button, all nodes inside the rectangle are selected.