Setting Threshold Values

This menu provides you with one choice: Thresholds. When you select this choice, you get the Thresholds menu.

The Thresholds menu displays information about the display attribute that is currently active. If you want to edit thresholds for a different display attribute, you must activate it first. To activate a display attribute, you have two options:

  • Press <CTRL-V> repeatedly until you have activated the display attribute that you want. You must close the Thresholds menu to do this.
  • Call up the Display Attributes menu (by using the Options menu in the window's menu bar). This menu contains a list of the existing display attributes: you can select the one you want by name. See "The Display Attributes menu" (this section) for more information.

The Thresholds menu presents you with the following information:

  • The name of the display attribute. (This is the title of the menu.)
  • One line for each numeric interval. Each line includes up- and down-arrows (for adjusting values), the threshold value itself, and the color used for nodes with values in that interval.

In this menu, you can edit only the threshold values. The colors assigned to the intervals are fixed.

To edit the threshold values, click on the up- or down-arrows until the number shown to the right is the threshold you want. You can also click on the number itself, delete it, and type in the desired threshold directly.

You cannot change the value of a threshold to be greater than the next higher value. Each threshold must be less than or equal to the next threshold value in the series.