The SAP Hierarchy system displays data in hierarchical structures. The system offers you options such as displaying the hierarchy at various distances and angles, re-sizing the hierarchy, recoloring the nodes according to different display attributes, modifying the structure of the hierarchy or the numerical values of individual nodes, and so on.

The following figure contains a sample SAP Hierarchy Chart SAP Hierarchy chart.

When you use SAP Hierarchy, you may be offered further options that are not strictly part of the SAP Hierarchy system. These options usually consist of additional menus or displays that appear when you select a hierarchy node with the mouse. These options are provided by the ABAP program you are using to display data.

The Layout button lets you call up the Layout dialog box without going through the the Options menu.

You will learn how to use menus and options always available with the SAP Hierarchy system. The extended functions provided by the particular ABAP program are not discussed.

Some of the facilities described in this section are part of SAP Hierarchy, but are only available if the underlying ABAP program allows them. The sections Selecting Hierarchy Nodes and Editing Graphics describe these facilities.

On Apple frontends, a number of alternative and additional options are available for SAP Graphics. For more information, see the following topic:

Special Features on Apple Frontends