Displaying Self-Defined Pushbuttons

The Extras menu provides you with a Toolbox. The Toolbox lets you manipulate any extra pushbuttons that may appear in the business graphic.

These buttons appear in the graphic window only if provided by the ABAP program you used to call SAP Business Graphics. Such buttons offer extended functions relevant to the graphic, as determined by the ABAP program. For example, with a performance-analysis graphic, pressing a button may produce various performance statistics.

You can manipulate the size and placement of these additional buttons.

The following options are available:

Displaying the Pushbuttons

When you select Extras  ®  Toolbox  ®  Display, the pushbuttons for calling sub-programs appear or disappear. (This option is a toggle.)

The size of the pushbuttons depend on the font size and the length of the longest title. They occupy part of the border area.

Autoaligning the Pushbuttons

You can autoalign the pushbuttons by selecting Extras  ®  Toolbox  ®  Autoalign.

The Autoalign option lets you decide how much space the buttons should take up. Autoalign toggles between the following two possibilities:

  • The buttons are enlarged to spread out over the entire edge (right, left, top, or bottom) of the window.
  • The buttons take on a fixed size. If they are at the right or left edges, each button is as high as a single text character. If they are at the top or bottom edges, each button is only as wide as the text.

In this case, the buttons usually take up much less than the entire edge of the window.

Positioning the Pushbuttons

You can place the pushbuttons to the right, left, top or bottom of the window border.

To do this, select Extras  ®  Toolbox  ®  Right, Left, Top or Bottom.