Automatic Coloring

SAP Business Graphics colors some graphs for you automatically. Within these graphs, every graph object has a color different from that of its neighbors. The alternating colors are supplied by two sets of color variables (Contrast 1-Contrast 6 and 3D Object Panel 1-3D Object Panel 4) in the Color Assignment menu.

Graphs colored automatically include:

  • All stacked or side-by-side graphs. Objects in these graphs are colored with alternating colors whether you request it or not.
  • All 2D graphs using the Pie chart, Perspective pie chart, Polar diagram and Relative polar graph types. These are colored with alternating colors whether you request it or not.
  • All other 2D graphs, when you turn on the Alternative colors option (in the 2D Options menu).
  • Most 3D graphs, when you request any 3D Colors option (in the 3D Options menu) except the Single color option. Notable exceptions:

The graph type Surface is only colored automatically for the By side value of the Colors option.

The Walls, Strips, and Wedges graph types cause objects along one axis of the graph (for example, the rows) to be represented as edges between segments. Along the other axis (the columns) the objects are represented as separate walls or wedges.

For these graph types (using the current example), you cannot color automatically By row since each row is represented as an edge. You can however color By column. (The reverse is true if you switch the direction of the walls, strips, or wedges, using the Mirror dimension option.)

The sets of color variables used for automatic coloring are the six Contrast colors and the four 3D Object Panel colors.

The Contrast colors are used for all alternating coloring except the 3D Colors  ®  By side option. In this case, alternating colors are taken from the 3D Object Panel colors.