Selecting Colors

SAP Business Graphics provides you with a variety of color-related facilities:

Graphs are composed of many different parts: object contours, object faces, background, title text, scale numbering, and so on. You can color these parts as you wish. You can use your color assignments for other graphs in a color scheme.

You can use your color assignments for various graphs. Activate a Color Scheme and change the preset color assignments. You can apply your self-defined color scheme to other graphs.

SAP Business Graphics colors some graphs for you automatically. Within these graphs, every graph object has a color different from that of its neighbors.

If the background color of the Display Area is not activated, the background color is black or white, in contrast to the foreground color.

You can choose a color for the display area background. For information on how to set the graph background color, see the top topic, "Assigning Colors to Parts of a Graph".

You can assign different colors to 3D graph objects.

You can display 2D objects in contrasting colors.