Displaying the 3D Graph Scale Lines

Select Options ® 3D options to call up the 3D Options dialog window.

The Object scaling option displays horizontal grid ("height") lines on an object in a 3D graph. These lines are the projection of the 3D graph scale lines onto the actual object. Turning this option on helps the viewer see how tall an object in a 3D graph is.

The scale lines along the back walls of a 3D graph are always displayed. You cannot turn them on and off.

You can set the color for these scale lines by setting the 3D object scaling lines variable in the Color Assignment menu. This variable affects the color of the scale lines on the object as well as the scale lines on the back walls of the 3D frame.

This option fully applies to the Towers and Pyramids graph types. However, for the Walls and Wedges graph types, you can turn on scale lines only for the side and front panels. You cannot use this option with the Surface graph type at all.