Wedges Graph

The Wedges graph type is exactly like the Walls graph type except that the upper surface of each wall segment has been narrowed to a single edge. Each point along this edge (between wedge segments) corresponds to a given data value.

As with the Walls graph type, the number of segments in a wedge is one less than the number of rows in the input.

Select Options ® 3D options to call up the 3D Options dialog window.

If you request a stacked graph with wedges, the graph type changes to Walls that are stacked.

This graph type can depict negative values. The Object size and Number of sides indicators have no effect on the Wedges graph type.

The following figure contains the Wedges graph type.

With the Wedges graph type, you cannot always click on the 3D frame border (around the base of the graph) to request particular 2D graphs. (See "Using the Selection Bars" in the section Using the Selection View for more information.)