Relative Polar Diagram

The Relative polar option is exactly like the Polar diagram option when a single polar diagram is displayed. (This is the case when the 2D graph is neither stacked nor side-by-side.)

The difference arises when multiple diagrams are displayed (for stacked or side-by-side graphs). In this case, smaller values are scaled to the largest value within each circle, instead of to the largest overall value. As a result, each circle has at least one value that reaches to the circumference. (In normal polar diagrams, only one of the circles need have such a value.)

The Relative polar graph type is identical to the Polar diagram graph type with the Percentages option turned on.

A single circle can contain a maximum of 32 values. Negative values are not possible for this graph type.

Select Options ® 2D options to call up the 2D Options dialog window and choose the graph type.