Stepped Lines Graph

The Stepped lines option draws a stepped line connecting all the values displayed. "Stepped" means that all parts of the line are either horizontal (to represent values) or vertical (to connect neighboring values).

When the 2D graph is in stacked or side-by-side format, multiple Stepped lines are created, and these overlay each other. In this case, the line segments above one another in a vertical column are similar to a stacked object in a stacked graph. Unlike values for ordinary stacked graphs, however, all values in a Stepped lines graph, regardless of height, are based at zero.

Negative values are allowed for this graph type.

A maximum of six simultaneous lines are allowed.

Select Options ® 2D options to call up the 2D Options dialog window and choose the graph type. The Bar/column width indicator has no effect on the width of the steps for this graph type.