Choosing 2D Graph Types

Select Options ® 2D options to call up the 2D Options dialog window. It contains a number of 2D graph types.

A graph type is the type of chart (bar chart, pie chart, and so on) used in a graph to display data values. The default graph type for a 2D graph is Vertical bars.

The choice of graph type has no effect on which of your data values you are displaying or how the rows and columns are laid out along the graph axes. For information on making these latter choices, see Using the Selection View (in the section "The Goto Menu") and Setting 3D Options (in this section).

Note that some graph types cannot be used if your input data contains negative values.

For information on how to apply contrasting colors to a 2D graph, see the section Displaying Contrasting Colors.

Vertical Bars Graph

Stacked Vertical Bars Graph

Horizontal Bars Graph

Stacked Horizontal Bars Graph

Perspective Bars Graph

Vertical Triangles Graph

Stepped Lines Graph

Stepped Areas Graph

Lines Graph

Stacked Areas

Shaded Areas Graph

Pie Chart

Perspective Pie Chart

Polar Diagram

Relative Polar Diagram