Setting 2D Options

Select Options ® 2D options to call up the 2D Options dialog window.

The 2D Options dialog window contains options for modifying 2D graph images. You can generate 2D graph images using the Selection view, 2D view, and the Groups view. Choosing options in this dialog window has no impact on any 3D graph image.

You can use the following sets of options:

  • Choosing 2D Graph Types

This topic describes the types of 2D charts you can use to display your data.

  • Selecting Options for 2D Graph Types

Some of the options apply to all graph types, others to certain graph types only.

Two-dimensional graphs take a slice (row or column) of the given data and display all relevant values for that slice. If the input data contains multiple rows or columns, then more than one 2D graph image of the data is possible. There are even more possible 2D images if you request stacked or side-by-side graphs. For more information, see the section Understanding the Data Displays

You can select or scroll through the possible 2D images while in the 2D view, the Selection view or the Groups view. See the section Using the Selection View for information about how to perform these operations.