Displaying or Hiding the Main Title

Select Options ® Global options to call up the Global Options dialog window.

The Main title option allows you to display or not display the main title for the graph.

The term main title refers to the overall title for the graph. This title is provided explicitly with the screen capture data or other input. Input data need not include a main title, but if it does, the Main title option can turn it on and off.

The term main title does not include sub-titles appended to the main title during generation of the graph. These sub-titles give the names of rows, columns or pages for which the current graph is valid. Sub-titles cannot be turned off, since they explain the accompanying graph's meaning.

Thus, when you turn the Main title option off, the main title does not appear, but all sub-titles belonging to current graph do. As a result, this option has varying effects, depending on what view you are in:

  • In the 2D view and 3D view, the main title and all sub-titles occur in a single line. The text in these views is always affected by the Main title option if a main title exists.
  • The Selection view can have its titles on two separate lines. For the view as a whole, a main title with sub-title (the name of the relevant page) appears at the top of the view. A second sub-title (name of appropriate row or column) appears alone on the second line (directly above the 2D graph).

Thus, when you turn the Main title option on and off, the text in the first line is affected (if a main title exists), but never in the second line.

You can set the font size for the main title using the Main Title Size indicator. In fact, turning the Main title option on and off can affect the size of sub-titles, regardless of whether a main title exists or not. See Choosing The Main Title Size later in this section for more information.