Activating the Display Area Background Color

Select Options ® Global options to call up the Global Options dialog window.

The Background color option allows you to turn the background color on or off for the Display Area. If you turn it off, SAP Business Graphics uses the Background indicator (found on the right side of the menu, and described in the section "Background Indicator") to color the background black or white. Using this function, you can heighten the visual contrast in a view without having to change any values in the Color Scheme.

If you turn the Background color option on, then the Background indicator is not used at all. The indicator's Black and White values become inactive (cannot be set). Turning the Background color option back off reactivates the indicator's Black and White values.

Note that this option has no effect on the color of the frame background within the 3D or 2D graph frames. To color these aspects of the graphs, you must set either the 2D background, 3D frame base right, or 3D frame base left color variables. These variables are described in the section Assigning Colors to Parts of a Graph.