Modifying Objects in Analog Mode

Selecting Edit ® Modify (analog) lets you use the mouse to edit values: you click and drag a graph object until it is the proper size.

(Dragging is the process of clicking on an object in the graph, and then moving the mouse while holding the mouse button down. The object you clicked on follows the mouse movement.)

How you use Modify objects (analog) depends on the 2D graph type you are using:

  • Vertical bars,
    Horizontal bars
    Perspective bars
    Vertical triangles,
    Stepped areas

To change values in these graphs, click anywhere inside the graph object, and drag the mouse in the desired direction. The object grows in the direction you drag.

  • Lines,
    Stacked areas,
    Shaded areas

To change these values, the markers must be turned on for the graph. Markers are small circles that mark individual data values, and they are turned off by default.

    1. To turn them on, select Options  ®  2D Options and click on Markers.
    2. Change a value by clicking on the desired marker and dragging it in the direction of the new value.
  • Stepped lines

To change a value in a Stepped lines graph, click on the horizontal edge for the desired column and drag it up or down until the edge lies on the desired value.

  • Polar diagram,
    Relative polar,
    Pie chart,
    Perspective pie chart

You cannot change these values using the Modify objects (analog) option.