Changing Values in Graphs

With the Edit menu, you can view your graphs in either of the following modes:

  • Display mode

The display mode (Edit ® Display) is active by default when you start SAP Business Graphics. The display mode is no longer active as soon as you choose another menu item in the Edit menu.

  • Edit mode

You activate the edit mode by selecting Edit ® Modify (analog) or Edit ®Modify (digital) wahlen.

You can only use the edit mode in the following cases:

    • You start SAP Business Graphics from an ABAP program that allows edit mode.
    • You can only use the modify options in a 2D graph. This 2D graph may not be a stacked or side-by-side graph.

If you want to modify a value in a 3D table, you must switch to the 2D graph for the row or column where that value is found.

The two types of edit mode are explained in the following topics:

Modifying Objects in Analog Mode

You click on an object in the graph and drag the mouse to set a new value for the object.

Modify Objects in Digital Mode

You enter an exact numerical value for an object in a dialog window.